First Blog Post (Yay!)

I must confess my love for instagram.

It’s so great for a quick burst of social media, and as an interior designer, it provides me with daily, (and hourly) inspiration. One problem, though. I detest long, rambling text under posts. I mean, come on! It’s called INSTAgram! My coffee break should be over, and I’m stuck in my chair reading your deepest thoughts!

Which brings me to my inner rants every time I post a picture on my account. But no, I don’t want to hold my loyal instagram followers hostage to their feed (though they probably are already…) And thus the birth of my blog!

Let the rant begin. As an avid follower of way too many interior designers, I definitely read my share of design blogs and tips. Which always leaves me wondering as to the state of the American economy. If most Americans are able to spend $9.95 a square foot on bathroom tile while on a tight budget, we must not be doing as bad as everyone thinks we are! (Trust me, it adds up oh so quickly!) I believe that good design should be attainable for everyone! I would love to share shopping sources and tips to help everyone live beautifully, whatever their budget may be. ( And yes, i really do mean budget for regular folks.)

One more bone to pick. My dear Jewish readers in the tri-state area: You are decorating with total tunnel vision. There are more styles of design than traditional and modern. There is an entire world of lovely and diverse styles of interior design out there. And, oh, don’t even mention the word ‘trend’. Trends are wonderful for a top from Zara that you can enjoy for one season and then toss. As far as I know, most people do not redecorate their homes yearly.

windsor smith kitchen
Windsor Smith

“Good design is timeless”


With this blog, I will be sharing examples of all different styles of design, and hopefully educating you and broadening your horizons. Please feel free to comment and let me know what design questions you have and what you’d love to see!



One thought on “First Blog Post (Yay!)

  1. Congratulations on your blog!!!
    This left me wanting more!!!! Awesome writing style and even better subject matter…..’decorating with tunnel vision’…love it!!! Wishing you loads of luck!!!


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