G-d Bless Zara….

One of the things I promised myself when I started this blog was that my posts would never, ever be boring. Rambling, maybe, but boring, never. So, I cracked the screen on my 3 month old IPhone and had time to kill in the mall while my phone was being repaired in the Apple store. (By the way, it was like free therapy! Actually not free; $149+ tax. 45 minutes alone in a shopping mall with no phone. You should try it!) I was browsing the Crewcuts section in J.Crew and spotted a sweet white summer top for my munchkins. I hadn’t noticed it online, so I asked the woman working there if it was available on the website.


Here’s where things got interesting. She got a little intense and asked me why I would want to purchase it online instead of in the store. Ok, people, really? Do we not all know the obvious answer to this question? So I told her the truth. I don’t need it for at least two months. In that time it will inevitably be part of an online promotion. I get free shipping and returns, so if it doesn’t work I can save myself a trip to the store. Well, she got so upset and started venting about how the store needs sales, blah, blah. When I apologized and asked, “Doesn’t everyone do that?”, she said, and here’s the kicker, “Not really, mostly the Lakewood people.” It took time for her words to sink in and for me to realize how extremely offensive that was!


So now that I’m done venting, on to a chain store that is making me happier today. Zara! My go-to shopping addiction. The queen of fast fashion at affordable prices; where you can buy runwayish looks a few weeks after they debut at normal people prices. They have a home website! I feel like I discovered America. They carried over their amazing chic aesthetic to a fab home collection. Their stuff is not just modern, they have so many different styles! Some items are priced better than others, but there are some true gems. A few of my faves:


Pink Bamboo Towel Rack


towel rack

I am in love with this. It also comes in an awesome emerald green and natural wood. An affordable way to add so much character to a basic bathroom!


Terrycloth Kitchen Towel (Set of 2)



Finally, chic kitchen towels that you can actually use! Love the French country vibe. I would gladly display these in my kitchen.


Multicolor Parrot Cushion


parrot pillow

This fabric is everything! It has such a high-end, designer feel. There are tons of other amazing floral prints; must-see.

Blue Design Vase


blue design vase

A bit pricey, but I couldn’t help myself. I am and always have been obsessed with blue and white. This is a classic, forever purchase that will never go out of style. Seriously, people. Get over the modern obsession!


Mirror with Leather Strap


leather mirror

How chic is this for a boy’s bedroom or bath?


And of course, Zara’s famous free shipping and returns! Just ask your local Fed Ex driver about it……

Disclaimer: I’m realizing this post is actually misleading about customer service. 99% of the time J.Crew has impeccable customer service and Zara…..well just try calling them with a problem. Best shopping experience as long as nothing goes wrong. I’m thinking, how about a J.Crew home collection? I, for one, would not be opposed to that mod preppy J.Crew vibe in home furnishings. Hhmmm.